Michael Blakeslee is the author of the forthcoming book: “It’s a Matter of Perception: Furthering the Global Shift from Dogmatism to Esoteric Spirituality” which is dedicated to the dismantling of long standing and unchallenged contemporary views.DSC02121

Michael eventually found himself looking for more answers than contemporary religion could offer. He started reading books by great psychologists, such as Abraham Maslow and Carl Jung – listening to great metaphysical teachers such as Dr Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle – studying history – philosophies – and religions outside the bounds of the conventional one in which he was raised – as well as reading anything that would help quench his overwhelming desire to find answers.

The more he discovered truth and wisdom in philosophies outside his primary religion; the more he began to question this whole “we are the only right religion” mentality. This devout search only spurred things along at a much more furious rate; until Michael began to find the underlying principles and truths in nearly all religions. Eventually he began to realize that it’s all about perception; from where a person is standing he can make anything appear 100 % right or 100% wrong; but it is a strange and uncommon occurrence to find this kind of absolutism in an imperfect world.

So the more these new discoveries caused him to question the absolutism of his own beliefs, the more he needed to get to the bottom of what was really going on. How could these other philosophies be residing in a realm of truth along side his own religion; either they were as correct as his own, or they were all wrong. How could this be; how could other religions also be ‘the one true religion’ as well? This site represents what grew out of this epic quest.

In his unique writing style, Michael has an uncanny way of piecing together seemingly incompatible concepts, which together can offer higher insights into the mysteries of the Universe. He has a knack for noticing slight nuances in a theory or idealism that are passed over by so many. Michael has an uncanny way of combining science, religion, and spirituality together to present a completely new perspective. In a very unorthodox method, Michael can re-phrase or re-question any socially acceptable axiom in a way that causes the reader to pause and reflect the concept from a new point-of-view. Michael offers the reader alternative reasons to reconsider the social conditioning they’ve overlooked and accepted their whole lives. Even people who claim to be nonconformists still fit into a category dictated by society.

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