Have you hugged your homeless dude today?

Have you hugged your homeless dude today?Something I never imagined I’d ever experience in my life; but yesterday I found myself hugging a dirty, smelly homeless dude named Mike. He said my little expression of kindness made up for the rudeness of several other mean people.

What really amazed me about him was his love and forgiveness for those rude people. He said, “I know they don’t really mean it; they just don’t know how to handle me. So it’s easier to get angry about my presence than treat me humanely. But I know later they feel sorry about the way they treated me. And I feel sorry for them.”homeless pastor

I thought here’s Mr. “spiritual guru” learning Universal Truths from a homeless guy, isn’t that great? If you pay attention, you’ll discover God uses any and every opportunity to teach us something. Someone once said, “The Universe will toss you off a cliff, if it thought you’d wake up on your way down.”

I actually wondered if this guy might be one of those undercover angels, you know the ones placed here to test our spiritual resolve. The entire conversation had a rather deep impact on me; I thought about it all day. Although his display of gratitude contradicts what I’m about to say, I believe my encounter with Mike had a much grander impact on the future of my life than it did on his.

He read my shirt and said, “Oh, Flying J, I just love that place. Dale The manager there was very nice to me when I needed a shower. I hadn’t showered in four months, and I needed one really bad. A driver offered me one of his, but I wasn’t able to use it right away. Dale was so kind; he signed the receipt, and said I could use it anytime later. He was so wonderful to me, just like you’ve been to me today, Mike. I’m gonna pray for you, just like I’ve been praying for Dale.”

This is the point where he got real emotional and stretched out his arms towards me. I had a split second to decide, am I going to shun this man who may be an undercover angel, or am I going to – right in front of all these passing customers – reciprocate, and hug him back. Well, I’m proud to say I chose the latter, and I didn’t feel like anyone thought less of me for it either.

You know, I believe the Beatles were right when they said, “All you need is love.” Mike didn’t need my condemnation or my condescending judgments. He’s well aware of the mistakes which have led him to where he’s at now. I’m sure he’s had to listen to that inner voice of damnation for decades. I often think there’s a reason many of them would prefer beer over food – anything for a little peace from that barrage of self-condemnation. What he needed was the same thing we all need, for someone to simply extol a little human kindness. To quote Nick Nolte from the movie, ‘The Peaceful Warrior’: “The ones who are the toughest to love are the ones who need it the most.”

Michael Blakeslee, Never accept limitations in an unlimited Universe.

P.S. If you click on the picture it take you to a FB link of a pastor who dressed like a homeless man to see how his congregation would react to his presence in their church. It’s quite shocking.