Tired of Dogmatic Intolerance

Recently, a friend sent me a link (at the bottom) to ‘Biblical Meditation’; and I thought, awesome, finally someone was talking about meditation from a scriptural perspective – especially since it’s mentioned so frequently therein. However, I was very disappointed to discover the author bashing Eastern traditions. Why couldn’t he just say what he had to say without attacking someone else’s beliefs?

But OK, now he’s said it, let’s get on with it; however, no, the author couldn’t stop blaspheming Eastern traditions – in fact, he attributes Eastern meditation to the work of the devil on four occasions. You already proved meditation is scriptural, so why the extra attack on Eastern philosophy? Evidently, you must still expect to find some members of your faith bucking your novel concept, so you go the extra mile to reassure your readers it’s not the devil’s meditation from those evil Eastern philosophies. What scripture is it again where Jesus said, “Go ye into all the world and condemn every faith that differs from your own”?

If your simple-minded belief structure requires you to have an antagonist – which is no different from any Hollywood movie – in order for you to feel coerced into being good little boys and girls so Santa Claus brings you more presents, so be it; however, you needn’t project your primitive superstitions on a culture that was established over a millennium before your own.

Mr. J. Hampton Keathley, you obviously don’t know much about Eastern meditation. that’s OK, since you’ve probably never studied it; however, don’t you think it wise to do some research before you make such outlandish statements. I’m sure your answer would be, “It didn’t come from my faith, which is of the only true God; hence it must come from the devil!”

This is nothing less than the ignorant mentality of the Spanish Inquisition – which cost thousands of good people their lives – passed down as a legacy from your predecessors. I’m certain your response to this would be, “Oh; that’s the Catholic Church; I’m a narrow-minded bigot of another Christian faction!” Well, funny how much you all think alike my friend, but regardless of what you may think those are your religious ancestors.

I believe religious intolerance is just as potent today as it ever was, the only difference: The church is no longer more powerful than the government. In fact, I believe the Constitution and the principle of ‘separation of church and state’ is the core blockade preventing religious bigots from burning innocent victims at the stake again. I firmly believe there are still radical fanatics who would, if they could. It’s only been a decade since Christian Serbs established rape camps for Muslim women, and when they had Muslim men bite the testicles off of other Muslims in an attempt to commit religious genocide. Why, because I’m sure that’s what Jesus would’ve wanted, right?

When normal secure people are in possession of the best car – government – or what have you, they don’t feel the need to bad mouth someone else’s stuff just to make theirs appear superior – it simply just is. You don’t see Mathew McConaughey talking down other actors of lesser quality – there’s no need for it; it merely reveals one’s ignorance and insecurities. If you want to believe your unique branch of Christianity is the only real religion having God’s approval, then go right ahead; but please don’t do it at the expense of other’s beliefs and long standing traditions.

It’s been 2000 years since Jesus tried to teach us how to love and forgive one another, including our enemies, not withstanding, “He who is without sin may cast the first stone.” How long before we start practicing these primary principles? If you want to proselyte other faiths, that’s fine; however, please do so without belittling them. Have you ever wondered why Christianity is on the decline? It’s time to put an end to religious intolerance once and for all.

Having been born again and having studied Eastern meditation, I feel compelled to end this with some constructive information: If you practice your Biblical meditation, and only that, you will do yourself a world of good – I promise you. However, know this: Among many of the several versions of meditation found in the East, they also teach, focusing on one good moral quality – like focusing your mind on peace.  It will teach you how to master the 10,000 screaming voices in your head, which is a major culprit hindering us from hearing the voice of God. Try it sometime.

If their meditation is from the devil then where does yours come from? Especially when you consider; Christianity traces its roots to the East. Jesus wasn’t born in Mississippi, you know.

As far as other meditations, which focus on ‘clearing your mind entirely’ being a dangerous practice, opening your mind to the wiles of the devil: First of all, it’s merely an advanced stage of the meditation we’ve already been discussing – you should try it also. And, most importantly, if you – who were created in the image of God – are in possession of such a weak mind that simply clearing it will create an open invitation for the devil to move in, may I suggest you toss it out! Because that kind of concept is as ludicrous as saying, “I have to keep my garage full of junk in order to prevent my neighbors from parking in it.”

Thank you for doing a much-needed  piece on Biblical meditation; it is an exceptional piece which is very informative. However, please remove the derogatory remarks on Eastern philosophies, such as:

“In Scripture it does not mean to sit and ponder infinity or to empty the mind so some force can fill it by repeating some chant or mantra. Such is dangerous and opens the mind to demonic attack. Just as meditating in a vacuum or to empty the mind as it is done in eastern religions is dangerous and may open the mind to demonic attack”

Michael Blakeslee “Never accept limitations in an unlimited Universe”


Drew Gerald I think his criticism was very well articulated, open-minded, mature, non-dualistic, valid, and well-deserved. I think more people should voice such opinions in a peaceful and humane way.

20 thoughts on “Tired of Dogmatic Intolerance

      1. Sounds like your intolerance of other peoples intolerance ,is creating negative energy waves in your reality,these can be quite destructive.remember “we spot it cuz we got it” .good day

  1. Slight typo …”it will create am open invitation for the devil to move in”…
    Looks like it should be ‘an’ rather than ‘am’.
    I also like the post btw.

  2. Of all the media messages I get a day it’s amazing that I happened on to this page on the VERY day I have been having a very long and detailed discussion with a long ago friend about fundamental Christianity and it’s beliefs. This is the eloquence I have been reaching for all day. Thank you.

  3. I have always tried to see the truth behind meditation from a Christian perspective … I am ‘born-again’, but I was originally Buddhist… therefore meditation has always been something that bothered me to understand since the Christian society condemns it.

    I do believe in Jesus, who he was, and what he taught. But I also feel so right in my heart that the practise of meditation is such a powerful tool for good to clear the negativity, fear, evil, and egotistical thoughts that run through our heads so that we can focus solely on truth, scripture and good morale. I have felt real happiness of the soul, and a clear mind and conscience to think rightly… to know and do things in alignment and accordance to our True Path… something I can only attribute as The One True and Living Holy Spirit. That being said, it can also be a powerful tool for seemingly good intentions which may ultimately be bad for the spirit such as attraction of things, our own desires, seeking empowerment in such ways to feed our sinful nature, and perhaps even unknowingly allowing evil spirits to take advantage of us through our quest for opening our energetic paths up for ‘self enlightenment’.

    I would like to think of it this way… The food we eat fuels our body, and exercise keeps us in good performance. Truth and scripture fuels our mind and spirit. Meditation is the exercise to keep our mind strong to The Word.

    I pray that God will help me to understand the truth… and the truth on how to meditate properly. I believe that meditation is a key to strengthen our relationship with Our True and Living God… but there is just too much indoctrination among religion and narrow-mindedness among people… May we look to Jesus to lead us, and may He help us understand the true meaning of meditation, and the Word sent from God.

  4. I can undoubtedly confirm that the only way to hear god is to clear your mind. The only catch is you have to do it my way or it’s the work of the devil. Lol 😀

  5. I don’t know who may have first said it, but, “Don’t let your religion get in the way of your relationship with God”…eh?

  6. If it is really true that by emptying our minds, we would subject ourselves to demonic attack, well then I know a lot of people who are under the Devil’s influence, as there are plenty of “empty-headed” people out there. 😉

    But in all seriousness, I recall Psalms 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God.” “Being still” would seem to indicate the act of meditation and the “clearing of one’s mind” – would it not?

  7. I do believe jesus said “go into thy closet, close the door and be still” jesus himself peromotes meditation, whats the problem?

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